Club Morocco by: Barb Cullen, Jon Huffman and Ashton Wolf 

The Encore Theatre - Dexter, Michigan 

The Ensemble 

Broadway's - Jessiva Grove 

Paul Kerr as Frank McCann 

Chick Valentine and Nugget Rialto 

"...Once you've had the taste you never lose the hunger"

Frank and Nugget! 

Tony Owens and Jessica Grove 

...A High-Flyin' Swing-Music Musical!!

Velvet St. Regis 

Crown Uptown Theatre - Wichita, Kansas 

Crown Uptown - Sold Out!

The Dames - Kimberly, Rachel, Barb Cullen and Allison

Josh Atkins - One of the tap Dancing Wannabe Brothers

Lawrence, Kansas - Sold Out! 

Club Morocco - "Once you've had the taste, you never lose the hunger..." 

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